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We are a team of expert programmers, designers, and customer service representatives.
Website Design

We offer a premium website design packaged with a content management system for ease-of-access. Fast and secure website hosting is included in our offer – with a free domain name! All websites hosted with us are backed up daily.

Social Media Assistance

Are you tired of trying to keep your social media accounts active? In this service, we make three posts per week to your Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts. These posts will be anything from humor, to factual content (or you may choose). We will ensure all posts are professional and fit within your niche.

Search Engine Assistance

A Search Engine Assistant will acquire premium backlinks to your website to boost your search engine ranks. Links are bought from other website owners, and are not automated. We do not offer automated SEO, as due to legality issues and the fact it may get your site banned from search engines.

Content Assistance

A content assistant will post one five-hundred word article to your blog every week. The content will be professional, specific to your niche, and help target your keywords to help with search engine optimization.

About Us

We have a natural drive for IT and Programming.
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We are experts in security & network engineering, programming, website design, hosting, backups, search engine optimization, content assistance, social media assistance and professional customer support!

Naplen originated as an online security consulting startup. We soon merged with and became a full-blown web service provider.

For more details on our services, please check our services page located in the top navigation bar on the right, or utilize the form below. You can also check out our Knowledgebase for in-depth details on service packages.

For custom programming solutions or other inqueries, please submit a ticket with our sales department or give us a call at +1 844-676-7500

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